Pricing and policies

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Test drive the TeamLedger web app for 6 months without paying anything to see if it's a good fit. Contact to set up your TL workspace or with questions. No payment or payment-related information will be requested initially.

After 6 months you'll be asked to subscribe at an annual cost of 1% of your annual working budget, payable in two installments per year. For example if your annual budget is around $15K the service would cost $75 per six month interval.

You're free to discontinue any time. Pay the fee only if everyone's satisfied and wants to continue for another 6 mos. We'll send payment reminders by email. Payment can be by check or PayPal. Minimum fee is $50 per 6 months.

Your subscription includes all functionality; we won't try to get you to pay more for additional options, step-ups, or add-ons. Your 1% pricing percent rate is locked in and will never be increased.

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