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Established users: please contact us from within the app via the HelpDesk page if possible. All routine user support is done this way or by email. If you're considering TeamLedger and would like to talk by phone send phone number and best time for a callback.

Payments: No money is paid until after you've been using TeamLedger for 6 months. When that time approaches you will receive an email reminder with payment options. Pricing and policies

Postal address:
24 Forest Street, Suite B
Bar Harbor, ME 04609   USA

About us
TeamLedger began several years ago at the request of friends that were involved with nearby performing classical music group. The group needed a simple integrated service that could help manage their finances, their donor giving, a pledge-based giving program, participants, advertisers, supporters, ticket and merchandise sales, and so on, and there seemed to be nothing available to meet these needs.

TeamLedger was developed to meet these needs and this pilot group has been using it happily since 2008 or so. We've gotten lots of practical feedback and made many refinements, and now we're starting to branch out and begin offering the service to other similar groups.

We have a flexible subscription policy where client groups pay a semiannual fee only if TeamLedger has served well for the preceding six months. Subscription fees are kept low through our policies of not assuming any kind of fiduciary or advisory role and by requiring client groups to be responsible for their own data as detailed in the Terms of Service.

We're a small agile niche company committed to service at a personal level. We have commercial software engineering expertise as well as years of experience with community performing groups and their boards. Our headquarters are in Bar Harbor, Maine, USA.

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