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Here are some bookeeping types of things you can do:

• Running ledger balance

• Print checks (Quicken-compatible check paper)

• Post debit card purchases and electronic transfers

• Post funds received and manage bank deposits

• Post unpaid orders, issue statements for receivables

• Schedule future items such as membership renewals

• Bank statement reconciliation

• Print 1099-MISC forms

• Post refunds received or paid out

• Tracking of complimentary items

• Post funds received via online card payment services

• Audit trail – see who's done what

• Budgeting by year or by individual production

Customizable money categories

P&L, cashflow, year-over-year, sales, receivables reports

• Flexible reporting options; distribute as PDF

• Enter totals from earlier years for long-term trend reporting

• Transfers to/from your endowment funds

Statements and reminders ... print or direct email

• Export all transactions as CSV / open in Excel

TL does cash-based accounting. It does not connect to your bank and does not function as a conduit of funds. There's no payroll functionality or inventory functionality.

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