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Here are some things you can do related to participants and members:

Enroll participants into rosters with pictures

• Post enrollment fees received

Print nametags and materials labels

Send group emails or paper mailings

• Participant listings for booklets or publications

• Provide an online members directory with pictures

• Handling when someone quits or withdraws

• Manage membership rolls

• Membership renewal reminders (print or direct email)

• Your board can have its own roster

• Set up a roster for each enemble, class, group

• Keep a database of prospective participants

• Participants with seasonal addresses

• Keep a roster of your volunteer helpers

• Export rosters to CSV / open in Excel

Please note that TL does not offer online self-service registration capabilities.

TL rosters and online member directories can link to participant photos that you manage and host elsewhere. We don't host photo images.

TL does not do anything in the way of library for scores, scripts, media, etc.

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