TeamLedger gives you nice bookkeeping and contacts management capabilities oriented to the needs of community groups. Not only that, but it helps to manage donors and fundraising... participants, members.... ad and ticket sales, and more.

Click on the figure at right to see an example of what the TeamLedger web app looks like. TeamLedger produces various PDFs (statements, thank-you letters) that can be printed or emailed. It also provides good support for reaching out... group emails, address labels, MailMerge, address lists.

TeamLedger can do a lot, but it's also meant to be accessible and intuitive to use. No high-level bookkeeping or software knowledge is required. The way you use TeamLedger is up to you... keep things simple or proceed to more elaborate ways of working, if you choose.

TeamLedger is multi-user, so if you want to, you can have several people working together, entering and reviewing transactions from wherever they are. Your leadership has read-only 24/7 access to see how things are going. Our help desk can see what's going on in your workspace which is valuable if/when you need help.

TeamLedger is a web app... so it doesn't really matter what kind of computer or internet service you have. You can export all of your transaction and contacts data as CSV/Excel files whenever you like. With a web app, responsibility changeovers are easier to handle and you're less vulnerable to being bitten by local technological mishaps.

Here's how to get started. First request a TL workspace with the no-pay 6 month trial period, and send us an Excel file of names and addresses to load (if you want). Then test-drive and post a few transactions. If everyone's comfortable with it, pick an appropriate time and begin posting transactions in earnest. You can set up a budget right away, later, or not at all. Keep your old bookkeeping system around for awhile for earlier data. You can enter earlier-year totals to get year-over-year nice reports in TL.

Contact us at with questions. Looking to improve the way your group works? Starting something new? TeamLedger could be just what you need... for your:
• Community chorale or other performing musical group
• Community theatre group
• Fine arts academy or camp
• Senior college, annual festival, scout troop, club, society
  or just about any other small-to-medium-size community group

We're involved in community groups and understand the needs and challenges. TeamLedger can be used anywhere in the world where English or a western-type alphabet is used.

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